Cause I’m Mr Brightside: Peace,love and shimmer with Lush part 6


Hello Lovelies

But it’s just the price I pay
Destiny is calling me
Open up my eager eyes
‘Cause I’m Mr Brightside

Now in my 6th part to my Lush installment and I am looking at this dazzling bubble bar known to some as Brightside. This sunset array on colors reminds me of drinking a tequila sunrise on my many tropical adventures. This bubble bar is filled with mandarin,Tangerine and essential oils to make you feel refreshed and zesty. Once broken down under a running tap my water was transformed into an Orphic Orange Bubble bath as if I was bathing in a  bath of Irn Bru With being half Scottish this was always a dream of mine as many Scots can relate.

So along with a very orange bath I felt very clean and relaxed and I enjoyed the simplicity of the bubble bar yet I came out feeling Nourished and squeaky clean and It was a nice treat before bed and I felt like  tangerine dream.

For those who love anything orange,zesty and refreshing this Bubble bar is perfect for you. Glad that Mr Brightside was such a Killer Bubble bar would use this again in a heartbeat.

Love Cara



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