The Experimenter experiment.. Peace,Love and shimmer with Lush part 5


Hello Lovelies

This is an exciting post because this bath bomb is just amazing. I think the experimenter is one of my favorites. It look’s like a water colour painting has exploded in my bath and it’s so beautiful to look at it. As you can see from the images above it fizzes into a little ball blasting out a variety of colour’s. Simply visually stunning. Once the bath bomb has fizzed out the water turns into a glittery Ombré of blue’s,purples,pinks,yellows simply a rainbow of beautiful colour’s. I loved lying in aqua blue and deep purple water as it glittered and sparkled.

This bath bomb is just so exciting and pretty spectacular it made my bath time a lot more fun and exciting. One of my Fav’s. 10 Brownie Points Lush simply on awesomeness.

what Lush Bath Bomb’s get you guy’s excited for bath time ?

Love Cara




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