We are one with Dolce and Gabbana The One


Hello Lovelies

I am looking into my favorite Fragrance and I am addicted to  Dolce and Gabbana The One. A woman’s greatest accessory is a good perfume,sunnies and good red lipstick and she  can do anything. So this fragrance is infused with citrus infusions and includes a mixture of bergamot and Mandarin. This perfume is very fruity and includes lychee and peach. I usually go for ridiculously sweet perfumes like Vera Wang princess and Jimmy choo. So I decided to try something different and a bit more mature especially since turning 21 I thought changing my hair colour and perfume was a must.

I love the packaging the perfume and body wash are placed within a dusty gold box and wrapped in a white bow. When you open the box you are faced with black embellished card with the words Dolce and Gabbana in Gold. Very Luxurious. The perfume bottle is very sleek and I felt like it had a vintage element to the bottle. The perfume smell’s so fresh and inviting and really is a great addition to keep in your handbag or for special occasion’s. I really like the presentation and style of the product and I cant wait to wear it out on Valentines Day.

What perfumes are you guys wearing?

Love Cara




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