Rule me lord of Misrule-Peace,love and shimmer with Lush Part 4

Hello lovelies

This week’s Lush Installment I come baring gifts with the Lord of Misrule Bath bomb. This was one of my many bath bomb’s in my Christmas box. Before Christmas I purchased Lord of misrule shower gel after hearing reviews about it I had to try it for myself and the smell takes me back to my childhood because my Nana had special candles that had this fragrance in them and her home always had this smell. So I really love The smell of Lord of misrule it is a lovely throwback. Also the shower gel looked like green gunge and who could say no to that So having the bath bomb to sample and test out has been great fun.

The bath bomb was awesome once placed in water it fizzed into a foamy mess of pinks,greens and purples it was amazing, Then the bath bomb opened in the middle revealing bright pinks and purples that streamed out of the bath bomb so effortlessly. My bath was transformed into a creamy haven that smelled like my childhood and let me tell you it was worth it because afterwards I felt exceptionally relaxed and chilled. After a busy day I love nothing more than coming home and having a bath to soothe to commotion of the day I have left behind. Lord of Misrule will be a product I will be purchasing again. Really enjoyed the bath bomb and the after math concluded with a very Happy cara!

What Lush products are on your wish lists?

Love Cara



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