Golden Wonder is wonderful- Peace,love and shimmer with Lush part 3

Hello Lovelies

In this lush installment I unwrapped the best present from Lush the Golden Wonder. This is a HUGE bath bomb and as soon as it hits the water a white bundle of fizz surfaces the water. The bath Bomb fizzes rapidly and slowly a blue and green colorant floats out of the bath bomb leaving a trail or beautiful blue tones. Also there is glitter infused within the bath bomb so the water does turn very glittery. After a few minutes the water is transformed into an aqua blue lagoon. You will be transformed to a tropical scene in the comfort of your own bath tub. This bath bomb is utterly well… LUSH! it smells absolutely amazing and it makes you bath water look incredible. Not going to lie I pretended I was in Hawaii floating in the sea with this bath bomb. I mean who wouldn’t ? Let the Golden Wonder take you to paradise.

Love Cara




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