Show me your Nudes?


Hello Lovelies

In this post I am going to share my three favorite Nudes for going into Spring 2016 and of course I am a huge believer that nude tones and colors will still be in for the coming year.

The top swatch is Velvet Teddy, The middle swatch is Fresh Brew and the one at the bottom is Plum Dandy all from Mac.

Velvet Teddy is a matte nude which sits really well on the lips. It is a very popular lipstick and I can see why. This matte tone is really durable and will suit a range of different skin tones. It is more of matte brown but I love it so much especially for a day time look.

Fresh Brew is very shimmery and gloss lipstick.It is from the lustre collection. I purchased fresh brew when I left my job working at a very popular coffee shop as a goodbye treat. I love when I put it on it looks like I have a coffee kiss on my lips. I find fresh brew to be a very versatile lipstick and would go with a multitude of different outfits and looks so you know you would wear this lipstick daily or for special occasions it is so wearable. It is sweet and elegant and a nice touch if your not a big lipstick fan.

Plum Dandy is an exotic lipstick from the frost collection. It is a brown shimmery lipstick. The tones make your lips appear almost metallic and this is one to wear on a special occasion or a night time. It brought my makeup alive and added that final touch to my look. It swatches very strongly and it is a very nice shade. This is one to have in your make-up bag as the final show stopper.

A few mentions that must be in your Mac collection

-Shanghai spice


-Shy Girl

What is your Favorite Mac Lipstick ?

Love Cara



6 thoughts on “Show me your Nudes?

    1. Fresh Brew is a fantastic Mac lipstick to have in your collection especially if you’re not a huge lipstick lover. Its a nice,light lipstick with great coverage and Thank you so much for your Comments โค xx

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