Fabulous Fizzbanger- Peace,Love and Shimmer with Lush Part 2


Hello Lovelies

Today’s lush installment is the fire cracking bath bomb called Fizzbanger. As this bath bomb is placed into the water its sizzles and pops and begins to release a blue colorant from the Bath bomb. Within the bath bomb their is popping candy so it pops,snaps and crackles in the water which is an extra treat. Then apple and cinnamon scent is released which is really  different. It reminds me of festive smell of  Cinnamon at  Christmas and The comfortable,fresh beginning of the new year. As stated by lush within the bath bomb they use an ingredient called petitgrain which is used in  aromatherapy to calm the breathing, slow the heart beat and reduce feelings of anxiety. Ylang Ylang produces a feeling of joy and the cinnamon leaf oil helps you let go. So this bath bomb has some Health benefits in regards to relieving stress and anxiety. This is  great for anyone who needs a little helping hand or who is going through a hard time. Relaxation is vital and we need time to switch off and wind down.

I used this bath bomb as I had been on a night out till 3am. I felt drained all of today  and I am also back to the grind on monday so i wanted to feel comfortable,fresh and relaxed for another busy week ahead. I found this bath bomb really soothing and I felt very relaxed I actually lost track of time I enjoyed it that much. Would recommend this if you need help to unwind and relax or if you experience anxiety. I enjoyed this especially after a busy weekend.

love Cara





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