Peace, Love and Shimmer with Lush- Part 1

Hello Lovelies

Over Christmas I received a huge bundle of Lush products and I am going to test and review as many of them as I can do… After all who doesn’t love a hot bubble bath surrounded by your favorite Yankee candles with your most played playlist.

First product I got was this selection in a gift box called ‘Happy Daze’ and this was a 70’s peace infused swirling psychedelic little box of treasures. The first product I am going to review is The comforter Bubble bar.

I am currently feeling ill from a virus that is going round and after a LONG day at placement I felt the first thing to do was to run a hot bath and The comforter sounded like an ideal choice. This Bubble bar is a luxury that turn’s your bath water pink and blackcurranty and its a fruity little number to put your world right again. I found this product really relaxing and the smell is very Fresh I felt like I ย was bathing in bath filled with Ribena. Also the water transformation to purple was pretty awesome it was like tie dye. I think this is a good little treat if you are not feeling yourself or you are having a stressful time this is really nice Treat for the body and mind.

Love Cara


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