And the stars look very different today, My open Letter to David Bowie


Dear David Bowie

I am so devastated that the star man has left this world due to the cruel clutches of cancer. I imagine your floating around in space or sitting on your throne in your labyrinth looking down at the gracious world. You never knew me or that i even existed but i was one of those people who were deeply affected by your music and your art. After i was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes I slowly went into a downward spiral and ended up going through depression. Music was a huge help through the darkest days and especially yours. Changes was one of my favorite songs it reminded me that change happens, it is inevitable but things will get better and change is for the good and bad. Your music provided me with a sense of hope. I am better now and the happiest I have ever been. Today at the news of your passing I listened to everyone of your songs and it took me back to my safe place where everything always made sense. You were more than a musician you were a poet,Artist,Pioneer,innovation  and an inspiration to millions across the world. Your music was inter galactic bliss  and this world is now a less beautiful place.

My thoughts are with the entire Bowie family,Friends, Fans and fellow Star men.

Your loss is a great one to every generation.. I will raise my children upon your greatness and make them listen to Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust on Vinyl, They will be raised watching Labyrinth and the man who fell to earth, At Halloween they will be dressed up as miniature David  bowies especially as The goblin King.  Ashes to ashes, dust to stardust. Your brilliance inspired us all Finally  Goodbye Starman.

Love from Cara xxx


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