New year NO new Me

Hello lovelies

It is now 2016 supermarkets are now advertising healthy options and Healthy smoothie makers in stores reduced down in price , Gyms and weight watchers adverts have funnily enough came precisely on time and don’t forget all the new years resolutions… To me New year is not about changing who you are but embracing it.

It makes me sad that huge companies and organisations like to make a profit from our own guilt. The guilt of eating good food and drinking fine booze after they have encouraged it since October might I add? WHY should we be made to feel as if indulging in our favorite things is a bad idea that you will regret it at precisely at 12.00pm.

I am all for being healthy and making positive changes but nothing drastic. We should celebrate ourselves for achieving all the things we have and everything we have over come.. Resolutions are pointless why not just create Goals or achievable lists that you know you can do.. Rather than

‘My new year’s resolution is to get a booty like Kim Kardashian’

We should celebrate our bodies and the beauty we each hold individually and if we don’t like something the gym is always round the corner if needed to get rid of the muffin top like ME if you are keen on getting lean and giving it a whirl ! We should reflect on the negatives and change them into positives. 2015 might not have been your year but it has given you challenges and experiences on which you can build upon and make improvements . No one should be going into 2016 feeling worthless because they have been sleeping,eating and drinking and repeating. Make the best of the worst situations.. always think what would make it better and don’t look back on the past and dwell on ‘what could of been’ think about ‘what can be’.

as Ru Paul always says ‘“If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”
― Ru Paul

and we should always listen to Momma Ru

Do something crazy, Go back to study something you love,Travel to that country you have been dreaming about on tumblr, Ask that girl you love to marry you and take the risk in making 2016 a more happier and successful year not only for others you love but for you.

Love Cara




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