Crushing on Sugar Crush

Hello Lovelies

After a busy time we often forget that our skin needs some recovery time. I absolutely adore the Soap and Glory collection and I really love the new Sugar crush collection. It is fresh and fruity and makes your skin feel revitalized especially after all chaos of everyday life.I love the body buttercream especially since its so thick and creamy my skin feels a great benefit afterwards. Basic elements that we encounter everyday such as heat and sun rays break down our skin making it dry and washed out. Its such a lovely change when using the Sugar crush Buttercream as I felt my skin was more hydrated and cleansed. The scrub is great to use especially in the bath using circular motions on your legs and arms its great for removing dry and dead skin cells and it smells fantastic. Great to use after shaving and before a night out I certainly notice my pins looking more flattering. I highly recommend this product ready in time for spring/summer 2016

love cara



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