I’m Feeling 21

Hello Lovelies,

I have just reached a big milestone within my life and hitting the BIG 21. The thought of getting older scares me …

can I just stay 20 for the rest of my days? Luckily time must be on my side since I have been granted with the biggest baby face ever I’m only hoping that my wrinkles and grey hair will receive a delay of some sort.

I had an amazing party at the Living Room in Newcastle. We rented the room down below and we had food,wine,cake and more booze in our own snug underground hideaway. I would like to make an appreciation post to both of my parents who financially funded the party and made my night exceptionally special and truly wonderful. I danced the night away, I saw family and friends that I love most dear and I laughed so much I had tears down my cheeks. Truly it was a magical evening and I felt a sense of pure happiness and turning slightly older made me appreciate all the people in my life even more and for that I am extremely grateful.

I would like to make a shout out to two specials lady’s on my glam squad who provided me with beautiful hair and make-up for the evening.

Von Tassel Hair and Luna Love MUA


Luna Love Mua


Von Tassel Hair

Of course I have loads more photos but this is simply a few that make me smile.

A EXTRA SPECIAL thank you to my partner and love of my life Alex as he has surprised me with a trip to Paris and DISNEYLAND PARIS!. I am literally squealing as I write this. Alex is the most Romantic,caring,loving and considerate human being who I have ever met and I am so lucky he is mine. I love you so much Alexander ❤

204 days until i’m Disneyland Paris and Paris.. Not that i’m counting…


12393691_528904103943622_274727391_n My cake VS the real Louis Vuitton how Incredible! This literally took my breath  away.

Thanks to all my family and friends and for making my 21st so magical.

Love from Cara




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