New-Trals Vs Neutrals eyes on Fleek

Hello Lovelies

Today’s post is one from Make-up Revolution. One day while Stalking on Instagram I came across this incredible palette.I fell in love and at £6.99 in Superdrug I REALLY wanted to get my hands on it if you know what i’m saying!  First of all I will start with the pallet itself it come’s in a matte black casing with the gold embellished writing on top. When you open the palette you have a clear wide mirror and it also comes with a double ended eye shadow brush perfect for blending. Then the shadows themselves are what drew me to the pallet the most the mixture of mattes and metallic’s. I love the multiple options of both to create a more neutral day look or a more smokey eye. The colour’s are perfect for Autumn/Winter from the softer pinks to the more delicious berry reds. This season we are seeing lots of cooler and softer colour choices with subtle warmer tones. We are still not over pastel colour’s yet and we are incorporating a mixture of pastels and warmer tones. I think from this pallet I will use a lot of Style,New-tral,Mode and Custom to create certain looks for the coming season especially for Christmas events.

Love Cara



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