TREAT YO SELF ~ Great British Cupcakery Parlour, Newcastle

Hello Lovelies

Today I felt like Kelis as this epic milkshake had drawn me to  the Yard The Great British Bakery Bakehouse and Parlour!

Down on the quirky Quayside you can find this special Hidden Gem on Queens street. From ordering your own wedding cake to just enjoying a simple cupcake this establishment has all your cake dreams within reach. I can report No soggy bottoms and a Mary Berry seal of approval on this whole experience. As recommended by a few friends My inner Velma just had to investigate and I am so glad I did.

I ordered a ‘Canny Caramel Milkshake’ as seen from the images above its a beautiful salted caramel milkshake with lots of cream, Drizzled Toffee sauce AND if that wasn’t enough a brownie was placed on top. I also got a vanilla cupcake with sprinkles not that I initially needed it as I totally under estimated the shake itself. Milkshake-1 Cara-0. The milkshake came to £5 and the cupcake £2 and I couldn’t believe the quality,Presentation and over all atmosphere of the Great British Cupcakery. I cant wait to go back and experience it all over again.




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