Halloween last minute manic panic makeup

Hello Lovelies,

Today’s this post is a last minute Halloween make-up look for those girlie’s who just like to wing it like their eye liner.

First pin your hair back into a high pony tail or messy bun and pin your fringe or excess hair to the side, Cleanse and tone your skin and moisture. This is pre-paring your skin for all the products you will apply and will remove any excess dirt or oil trapped in the skin.


Next use a very pale foundation or face paint and cover your skin in a white colour (I used Snazaroo) this will obviously create that spooky/living dead affect on your skin. Let the first coat dry and breathe and then apply as many layers as you need for full coverage.


Next fill in your brows using a dark brown or black pencil or even use  a brow kit once you have the brows that you prefer, create a smoky eye affect on your lids I used Urban Decay’s limited edition (Pulp Fiction)  pallet (of course the colours I use you can get anywhere as I just used black,silver and white and you could substitute what I have used for your own products )  I used ‘Furious/Anger’  and ‘Righteous’. I then used a collection  200 waterproof fast stroke eye-liner and created dramatic flicks towards my eyebrow I was Channelling my inner Amy winehouse she was my inspiration towards my eye liner.


Next I used a cheap eye-shadow pallet from the high street which had a blue eye-shadow and I contoured my cheeks to make them appear hallow and to add definition to my cheeks. The blue creates a contrast over the white and works extremely effectively if your going for an living dead  look. I used a Black eye pencil and lined my lids and under my eyes with a black pencil to create definition to my eyes and to create a vampy and seductive vibe .


I then applied my False lashes when going for the lashes I went for winged bold and dramatic lashes I wanted to open up my eyes and build on my smoky eyes. I then used my blue,purple and pink eyes shadows to create bruising and to create a bullet hole adding different layers of colour and building it up. I then used some fake blood which you can get anywhere for very cheap reasonable prices and I let the blood run naturally down my face on different areas so it looks like I have been shot. I then added  a long grey curly wig (24) to add some dynamics to my look and found my vintage 1940’s scarf and wrapped it round my wig to create a 1940’s headscarf.

I was aiming for Hollywood glam a starlet shot dead on Hollywood’s boulevard after her film début but it all ended like a Hollywood horror movie.


For my Lips I am wearing Mac in Cockney this lipstick has a glittery element and is very sheen and creamy and vibrant. To bring out that Hollywood look.


This post is for anyone who cant do special affects make-up.. Cant afford special affect products such as scars, expensive make-up or Has just been invited to a last minute Halloween occasion. As you can see from the above photos I removed the wig to show just how affective this look is without any of the extras.

Not all of us are make-up artist and Can often struggle with creating looks But that’s the beauty of make-up their is not a set mould or criteria. We can do whatever we want and that is empowering. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun after all it is Halloween and if you make a mistake embrace it and add it to you look.. Smudged eyes no problem Smudge them more and see what you think?

What are you all dressing up as?

Love Cara



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