Minnie Mouse Mischief


HOW amazing is this onesie from Primark Also I would Like to welcome the USA to the wonderful world of Primark, Once you go in you never truly leave.

Since winter is coming and lets face it  the temperature is slowly dropping and summer blues are fading away as we get excited for Halloween and Christmas. I like nothing better than to snuggle up, with a take-away and a movie on the TV. This Is part of the new huge Disney collection primark have at the moment and it is mainly Minnie Mouse themed as you can see from above ^

Also look at the ears I am so in love with this oneise I literally never want to take it off! I AM SO EXCITED TO GO TO DISNEYLAND NEXT YEAR. I was one of the very few children who went to Spain on holiday never Disneyland lets just say my inner Disney Fanatic side has been deprived. So get yourself’s to Primark this purchase was one of the happiest I made this month. Worth every penny.


Who is your favorite Disney character?

Love Cara



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