My Hair- Devastation to Diva perfection

Hello Lovelies

As many young women I had an obsession and border line addiction to dying my hair. I went from every shade of brown to vibrant purples,pinks and reds over the year in 2012 to 2013 I had amazing long red hair down to my waist. Hard to Believe well here we go…


After a year of being a vibrant red head and Ariel look alike I decided to go back neutral as this was costing me £80 plus to maintain.. Then after a while I missed my hair like this and thought I could do it at home using a blonde bleach and hot red hair dye… I went ahead and ended up killing and breaking my hair off from the crown. my hair was patchy and areas missing and had a mixture of blonde,white blonde and red I cried for a whole night a moment of temptation and a desire and  urge to be what once was, cause me to destroy my hair and for that my confidence suffered dramatically.

I went to an emergency Hairdressing appointment as to which my only options was to get it all off or get a semi permanent bright red dye over the top their was a chance it wouldn’t work. I took the risk and ended up hating it.I Used a sulfate rich shampoo (Head and Shoulders) and naturally bleached the red out using this shampoo and fairy liquid. Until I was Bright blonde and my self confidence dropped to 0. My friends all had long beautiful,Perfect hair and it secretly got to me over time. It was my supportive partner who always reminded me I was beautiful no matter what.

After 6 months of being Blindingly Blonde I finally was able to put a brown tone in my hair and a further six months to pucker up the courage to finally  go to the hairdressers for a cut and a touch up on my roots… In January 2015 my Hair was healthy but needed a lot of work done to repair it fully.. Up until September 2015 I hadn’t used any dyes and had one trim. My hair is now Medium Length with a gradient ombre effect and I love it. This has take loads of sacrifice,Tears and Motivation. This has been a long waiting game but worth it in the end. This has taken over a year and 7 months to say I finally feel confident and beautiful and more to my self than  I have ever felt. Loosing my Hair has taught me a lot about me and I have learned from my mistake. I will never home dye my hair myself or ever bleach it… Leave it to the professionals Ladies.

This post is for anyone who has had any hair dying accidents or who has damaged their hair and had to start from scratch. It doesn’t matter, it will grow and no matter what you are still Beautiful.

Love Cara


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