Soap and Glory Pulp Friction Just like Pulp Fiction

Hello Lovelies,

I come with a New Beauty Product this week and I am absolutely loving Soap and Glory at the minute from their scrubs to their eyeliners. I have never had a bad product or outcome from Soap and Glory and I love the over all Product they produce. This is a vital in my beauty routine after all my Travels this is a great way to keep your legs.bum and tum feeling extra smooth and hydrated.

To exfoliate you should put a small portion of  a good scrub onto your fingertips and disperse evenly across the area of skin you want to focus on, As you do this circular motions and rub vigorously with the scrub. This is key as the circular motion helps blood circulation and aids in the removal of dead skin cells a Beautician once told me to do circular motions in sets of three to mimic your heartbeat this aids to more oxygen in your blood and quicker skin renewal but I found the timing aspect to tricky to perfect on repetition But this might work for you when doing a skin routine.

I really recommend this scrub to any of my fellow ladies its is fruity and fresh and the results are amazing. I  noticed my Pins coming out smoother with a nice glow which is always a good sign, The quantity and the product quality is really good for the money. I can  see this product lasting a few months no doubt up to Christmas Time so worth every penny and the ingredients of  peppermint,Orange,Fig Powder and VitaminBalls, You cant really say No so if your looking for a Great Exfoliating product at High Street Prices.This is not just Fiction….

Love Cara



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