The Alchemist~ New York Street Manchester

Hello Lovelies

I have been so busy that all my posts are backed up but this was from last week when I was in Manchester, Me and Alex visited The popular trendy Bar and restaurant The Alchemist that uses science bitch (Breaking Bad Reference) in making in genius cocktails that bubble,fizz and foam. Literally I was like a child in a sweet shop so much exciting choice, Once we had some cocktails we went to a table and had two starters and two mains which was delicious,spicy and a delight to my taste buds after a long road trip down let me tell you I was ready for this food mind,body and soul. Afterwards we ordered the Mad Hatters Tea party which is the top photo and basically they infuse fruit and flavours through the alcohol and steam created with dry ice cascaded form the beakers and onto the table it was spectacular I do Have a video of all the drinks and the experience of The Alchemist to share with you soon its simply that the editing process is slightly tedious. The Mad Hatters Tea party came to £25 and its made for 2!

Really great atmosphere,overly tentative and knowledgeable staff and a totally unique experience in the world of Cocktails a 10/10 and must when in Marvellous Manchester.


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