I’m in love with the coco…

Hello Lovelies

Today I’m looking into  a beauty product that has been sweeping the internet by storm, The Coco White formulated coconut oil which is oil Pulling for whiter Teeth. You receive a selection of sachets of the product in different flavours I.E vanilla but I purchased mine in Coconut. The use of the product is extremely easy you cut the top of the sachet and put the contents into your mouth and swirl for 5-15 minutes and then spit out over a sink. I found it painful to begin with as the muscles in my mouth weren’t used to swirling the fluid around for such a long time. I did mine for 15 minutes and after the first application I didn’t notice much difference but after a few applications and using whitening toothpaste alongside my routine I noticed some of the discolouration from my coffee and diet coke habits slightly become undone and a more whiter on the surface of my teeth, If this is a product that the likes of Kendal Jenner,Lindsay Lohan and Gwyneth Paltrow are swearing by I couldn’t resist having a go of it for myself.

Here are some of the facts behind Oil Puling

 In 2009, one study found that people who practiced oil pulling for 10 days showed a reduction in dental plaque comparable to plaque reductions seen in people who used chlorhexidine mouthwash during the same time period.  And in 2008, another study found that oil pulling effectively reduced mouth bacteria in the plaque and saliva samples of study participants.

Would any of you try Oil Pulling? I certainly feel a benefit from it and would recommend it as a possible home care whitener. my Results you can see in the above photo.




2 thoughts on “I’m in love with the coco…

  1. I’d love to try this, I can imagine how tiring it would be for your mouth at first!
    Can it be bought online?

    Fab blog by the way, followed you 🙂 would love if you checked out mine 🙂

    Amie xx

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