Desert Wanderer and bohemian look-Book

Hello Lovelies

So the Fashion Scene is on the move from prints and summer flare,The perfect pastels are being shifted aside for a new collaboration. A clash of style and Flare Travel Back in the day when Peace,love and all things Groovy was what everyone was about. This new look is being called Bohemian Chic meets desert wanderer. These looks are a mix of the 70s Flare with Earthy and neutral tones Bohemia is back and it’s time to go into the wild and live young and free to merge with the earthiness brushed gold tones, chili hot reds and desert rose hues. Butter soft suede, crocheted textures and  much more. This new trend is so Hot you don’t want to miss it. Fashion just proves that true style never goes out of date,Styles from Generations ago will always make a fiery come back into our wardrobes. As my mum always says she owned all of this back is her day and is always generous enough to let me rake through her Time warp Wardrobe a mix of 20-30 years ago gear to the most recent trends I definitely know where I get my love of fashion and creation from.

So i bought all of my outfits from the High Street and online retailers also, I Suggest




-The Fashion

And Miss Selfridge

To create a similar look or something completely your own.

What do all you guys think of the new earthy Desert Wanderer Vibe?




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