The Herb Garden~ Diary of my life in Newcastle

Recently I visited the Herb Garden in Newcastle and I must admit I was really impressed.

The interior is very unique as you enter the Herb Garden you are greeted by really unusual ovens that cook fresh pizza. The interior is rustic with a modern twist and you always have somewhere to look.

The most interesting part was the home grown herb garden inside as you can see from the image above the herbs are grown in circular canisters the lights bulbs keep the herbs warm and help them grow and the Herbs are used in the food and the pizza base.

Food and drink wise We started off with cocktails and we all had an ‘Allan’  cocktail as seen above which was a gin infused cocktail with muddled blackberries,Fresh Lime,Sugar and Tonic which was really refreshing and enjoyable.

For the main I had a number 6 pizza which was sublime. The total came to £18 each.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit the Herb Garden it is a must when in Newcastle.


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