Lane 7~ Beyond Fabulous Birthday~ Diary of my life in Newcastle

Hello Everyone

I am going to start doing Gerodie Tourist Posts and some other UK hot spots this is great if you are visiting Newcastle or the United Kingdom you can hit me up on Trip Advisor at Macara Morrison if you want to follow some of my reviews.

For my Sister’s Birthday Rosie decided she wanted to go Bowling and out for some food and she decided on lane 7. A hip bowling joint for the Elite or just for fun

I went to Lane7  for my 19th two years ago and had a horrendous experience I will not disclose what happened as it is slightly unfair to lane 7 as they have redeemed their title and made improvements  to their establishment and I had A more enjoyable experience second time around.

First we grabbed a  milkshake while waiting for everyone to arrive as you can see from the pictures above I got a Coco Fudge Milkshake and it was Heaven.

We then proceeded to have a game of bowling where I scored 34

Next we had food which was Double Cheeseburger and sweet Potato Fries which was delicious.

After wards we did some table tennis and had a game of pool and went to Kaspa’s the desert Bar in Town which I highly recommend to all my Geordie friends.

Do any of you enjoying Bowling?

Cara #



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