~ L’Oréal Rose Sympathy Liquid Lipstick ~

Hello Lovelies

This is an exciting new product I noticed this was more of Japanese/Korean creation as I watch Lindys Vlogs you may know her as BubzBeauty or Bubz and she released a video sampling a brand of Liquid Lipsticks that were made somewhere in Asia. Korean cosmetics are know for their unique take and evolution of beauty products so it doesn’t surprise me that they released this product months before I saw anything available on the British Market. UNTIL I went into Boots and noticed a promotion for a Diet Coke and a L’Oréal liquid Lipstick for roughly £4-£4.50 for both and I have been desperate for a reasonable Liquid Lipstick to come around.

I picked mine  in 201  Rose Symphony as I adore rosy/pop Pinks as you can see I swatched the product on my skin above and it comes across very vibrant and I was shocked at how bright and pigmented it was but after a little while the pigmented colour went slightly softer so i put it on my lips just the liquid lipstick nothing else to get a whole over all swatch and I liked the results Although after a few drinks it did slip off so reapplying is key same as any lipstick except the liquid lipstick did glide on nicely it did have a sticky after math affect with the applicator, I think this colour was slightly adventitious for my first try and I might try a nude shade or something closer to my natural shade to get more of a preference…

For now I enjoyed it and I liked the change up,I am enjoying the revolution of lipsticks from chubby style sticks to Stainers and Now to liquid Lipsticks it is an exciting time for Lipstick Lovers as company’s venture into new revolutionary ways to Create that staple lipstick look, I cant help but wonder what my Future Daughter will be applying on her lips one day, But for me I will always love my classic Lipstick Mac Bullet But I am excited for the future of Lipsticks.

love Cara x


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