~Summer Haul summer Essentials~

Hello Lovelies

I am so excited to Travel and get on a plane and escape the day to day grind of life, I always feel very refreshed and blessed after a holiday away their is something special about leaving your home to escape to somewhere else.

anyway, this is a few of my holiday essentials I have recently bought, so first the watermelon towel is from Asda and it cost £5 if you haven’t guessed I love watermelons! And I had to have this for my beside the pool chills and for the beach it’s very fresh and bright and a little it fun Asda have a selection of fun and quirky towels that are great extra to take away with you.
The next is my bikini this is truly a lovely set I bought at primark you can buy both separate or together the bottoms were £4 and the top £6 so altogether £10 BARGIN also I love the colors the neon pink against the blue and the flowers add a tropical element. It was the little tassels that added that sense of Middle East feel to the bikini that I loved.
The coconut milk  (£5.99 boots) I have still yet to try but I have heard really positive stuff about it I bought the conditioner as it’s the conditioning aspect that I focus on more when it comes to my hair it is sulfate free so it should protect all he natural oils in my hair and it has EGG WHITES actually egg whites in the formula this shall be interesting guys I will let you know the results soon!
AH the good old selfie stick (£8 primark)  I didn’t want to give in to popular cult trends but this one is too much fun not to get involved and I can film with the selfie stick !!! I’m thinking of doing a holiday film of all my travels ?
(Me and Alex got a tourist to take our photo last year and his finger print covered the corner of the picture 😦 )
So that is why I thought the selfie stick would be ideal.
The hand chain is so detailed and beautiful I am going to the Middle East so it had that element look to it and I couldn’t resist some bling and the price was hard to not say now £3     Primark and the laser cut tan detail sandals are perfect for a lovely day look very pretty and detailed and £4 primark again I had to have them.I hope you enjoyed my little recent shopping trip buys, I have so many more exciting posts to come in the following weeks hang tight everyone.

Cara x


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