Goodbye Elf~


Hello Lovelies

As some of you might be aware  E.L.F Cosmetics have decided to journey down a new route and Elf cosmetics is no more I recently got these Jumbo lip gloss sticks because I really loved them and wanted to get something before the company finished and stopped distributing products.

So I love the texture and coverage of the jumbo lip glosses from Elf they are super creamy and apply on with ease also the colours are perfect for summer from  warm browns and peaches,I got mine in ‘Tikki Torches’ and ‘Coco loco’ I cant wait to wear these on the beach or on an evening out I am all for creamy lipsticks especially when I am in a hot country.

I know you guys wont be able to buy these but this was just a little post as  a tribute to Elf although I went through trial and error with their products I did have a few favourites that I am gutted I will never get to experience again but I guess I got two of my favourites so I guess alas not all is lost. Also Products similar to the jumbo stick are available on the high street i.e  Clinique’s Chubby stick so you could re-create the same colours and looks.

I just want to wish the whole team at E.L.F the best in their new creative journey and I look forward to seeing your new discovery’s.

What colours of Lip glosses and lipsticks are you guys loving for summer ?

Love Cara x


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