Lush Easter Haul

Hello Lovelies

This weeks post is a long over due lush review on their new Easter Range its only a little one but i only really wanted to try these two Products. I got…

~Golden Egg

~Hoppity Popitty

I Also wanted to sample Harvey but it was currently sold out 😦

So Golden Egg is a very glittery Gold bath Melt and basically all you need to do is run a hot bath and pop the bath melt into the water and leave it to do its own thing. This takes aprox 20 minutes by the end of it my bath was filled with Glitter and Oils. It was very luxurious although the bath was stained with Gliter (Sorry to my other mother/Mother in law almost  Wendy) At the end my bath was pure yellow/gold which was interesting but I assumed Golden Egg was a bath Bomb and i was slightly impressed but disapointed. 5/10 for Golden Egg.

Second is Hoppity Popitty fresh violet and lavender. I Definatley felt very relaxed and the  bath bomb had an almost herbal experience which will leave you feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed just like a young bunny in Spring  within the Bath Bomb it has popping candy adding that little extra. As the bath bomb dissolves you get the colours white,pink and Green which is very easter themed and I really enjoyed the product.. It is very quick and does not change the colour of your bath water but merly adds a nice smell and atmosphere i enjoyed this little burst but my Partner was disapointed but at price at £2.50 I give Hoppity Popitty 6/10


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