~Disney’s Cinderella Clutch bag : Day 2 ~

Hello Lovelies

Day 2 of the Cinderella Haul only 1 more day until the release of the film!!!

Today I am looking at this beautiful Cinderella Clutch From Disney, It is Gold with a metallic sheen through the clutch which I absolutely Adore because it adds a modern Twist to a good old classic. The clutch has been laser cut and as you can see from the pictures above little Cinderella elements have been embellished through the clutch such as the famous glass slipper the mass amount of detail within the clutch makes it more desirable and special, Finally the iconic Butterfly which appears to be a reoccurring Theme especially in the Trailer and Cinders Good old Kitten heels, I like this little element and this could possibly be a big element to the film. Possibly suggesting Freedom considering the Mac lipstick is called ‘Free as a butterfly’  This could be a beautiful metaphor/symbolism I love how Butterfly’s are a theme through out. The Clutch comes with a chain which can automatically turn the clutch into a bag adding more convince if you don’t like clutches and you prefer a strap. At £20  this clutch is a beautiful and special tribute that any Disney lover such as myself would love, Mainly Disney products are directed towards children but I’m really loving their new movement with the more Adult Group giving us some Disney Magic and keeping the fun which has been very much needed.


‘A Dream is a wish your Heart makes…

Have Faith In your Dreams, someday your Rainbow will come smiling through’


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