Mac Disney’s Cinderella Coupe D’Chic Beauty Powder ~Limited Edition~

I am so excited for these Posts Everyday up to the release of Disney’s Cinderella on March the 27th we will be releasing a new Disney Cinderella Product!

The coupe D’Chic Beauty powder contains a shimmer sheen that will put you under the spotlight at any Ball that no prince charming could resist. The beauty Iridescent powder that will make you glow all day and all night long even past the stroke of 12.

The packaging comes in a pearlized light lavender blue packaging and Disney’s Logos and writing is all embellished in Gold adding that touch of royalty that every Princess Deserves. Of course Cinderella was one of the most popular princesses and was one of Walter Disney’s Originals, So of course Cinderella has a soft spot in most of our childhood memories as little girls… Who didn’t want to be Cinderella ?

When I opened the compact I was amazed at the sparkle and shimmer Tones Within and the Pale Pastel pink Hinting a sense of Romance and natural beauty of course when I swatched the powder the shimmer tones came up but nothing truly made me go WOW  !

This product really on takes on Full affect on the face itself once the primer is applied the shine comes up perfectly and you get a very angelic look with an essence of almost Cinderella herself!

FACT ~ The moment Cinderella Transforms into her Ball gown was one of Walter Disney’s Favourite Piece of Animation EVER 


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