Urban Decay~Naked 3

Hello Hunnies

I cant believe it’s March already and I have so much fantastic spring/summer Hauls and products to bring you in the coming months, I am so sorry on the low blog post’s But life is always busy especially when you have so much planned.

Today we have the Urban Decay Naked 3 pallet and I have been after one of these for a while now I am obsessed with Nudes and bronzes for my pallets so this product from urban decay was right up my street.

The pallet comes with a sharp brush to create strong edges and on the opposite side a fluffy brush for blending and smudging multiple colours together which is great for a pallet with this many specks of colours.

I love all the quirky names each shadow has my favourite colours on the pallet are ‘Buzz’ ‘Liar’ and ‘burnout’.

The pallet is mainly filled with warm and rich tones which will create a soft,warm look to your eyes especially since my eye lids can get red from lack of sleep or stress,The bronze and gold tones are just ideal to create those sexy smouldering eyes.Within your pallet you get a selection of Matte and Shimmery shadows I prefer the shimmery Shadows due to how nice they look with my eye-liner and they always make my eyes pop.

I am a fan of Urban Decay products and i love their ethnic as a company this isn’t the first Urban Decay product featured on Macaraspace we also have their ‘Limited Edition Pulp Fiction’ Pallet also featured in my ‘Make-up’ Section.

When watching the shadows i turn into my inner 10 year old the colours and textures are to die for and the colours are great for all seasons,Will be wearing this pallet a lot during the coming months especially with the weather getting warmer.

I hope all you guys after a fantastic day today,More exciting Blog posts to come i cant wait to share my adventure with you all.



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