Soap and Glory~ Fab Pore~


I always have issues with how Oily my skin can quickly build up and pores can become overly visible. If you have issues with pore’s or oily skin I recommend ‘Fab Pore’ From Soap and Glory at Β£10 this little mask can be left on for a light clean for 5 minutes or a deep clean for 15 minutes. My results were fantastic my skin felt refreshed and clean and I had a soft rosy glow around my cheeks. I noticed my T zone had a reduction in shine and oil build up and I felt refreshed and energised for my day ahead. I know everyone’s skin is different and not everything works perfectly but I find Popular products usually have a universal affect on many different skin types and I have had lots of products do nothing for me in the past so when I find a hidden skin gem in the rough I have to rave and rant about it with you all.

I always say if you are having a negative day A pamper day is a must!


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