~ Mini Accessorize Haul ~

The first product I got was a little Watermelon coin purse it had sequins and beading decorating the outside as you can see from the picture above this will be ideal as I am travelling to 3 different countries this will be great for my Euro and My Turkish Lira. I LOVE WATERMELONS so this was a must also my phone case Is a watermelon so everything will match.This little cute coin purse was £7.00.

The second Product was my Cat Eye Sunglasses, Made popular in the ‘50s by glamorous celebs like Marilyn Monroe, cat eyes add the perfect amount of drama to any look. Today, they still shine in the spotlight, worn frequently by celebs like Katy Perry and if Katy perry is rocking them then that’s a whole reason to wear them I just love them.My new touch to every look. The glasses cost £15

Also Accessorize now do POINTS CARDS so you gain points for spending in store and you can use your points for a lovely treat once you have enough,Also this card is the most prettiest card i have in my purse.


More posts coming soon



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