March Favourites~ Marc Jacobs


This blog post is on my March Favourites and I am going to start on my Perfume for the coming months and my pick is ~Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream~ This succulent sweet perfume is ideal to make you feel pretty this spring.

The Bottle is very attractive with a blue coloured bottle and Daisy’s going all the way up to the lid and the lid is also covered in Daisy’s very feminine and  seasonal.

The perfume has a sweet smell of flowers and jasmine and Vanilla,it smells so sublime and refreshing and is enough to make your inner girl scream with excitement their is no way anyone is going to be able to resist you with this gorgeous fragrance.

This scent reminds me of my childhood playing in the fields surrounded by flowers and reminds me of innocence and youth and a spring/summer that is now officially long needed.This fragrance  gets me excited for summer days,Picnics,Travels,Holidays,Festivals and all the goodness that comes with spring and summer.


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