Lush Christmas Bath Bomb Review~ Week one

Hello Lovelies

My goal up to Christmas is to buy a Lush Bath bomb a week.

Review it.

and come back and share my results and experiences.

So the first bath bomb from Lush is Luxury lush pud.

First of all the appearance of the bath bomb is very inviting lots of colours and it looks very pretty to give to someone as a stocking filler or part of a gift box and of course the little bit of Holly at the top of the bath bomb adds to the festive vibe.

When you put it in water the bath bombs explodes into a multitude of amazing colours and the breaks off into little colour groups so the yellow breaks of a fizzes and the blue creating little islands of colour

The affect you get with this bath bomb is almost like a watercolour within your bath its a lot of fun and i would highly recommend Luxury Lush Pud as a Christmas must have

On my Instagram.

link in the sidebar @Macaramorrison i have a video of the Bath Bomb at work so you can check that out if you would like a visual recording of the process itself.


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