Limited Edition Marge Simpson Collection lip-gloss in ‘Nacho cheese explosion’

Mac have pulled it off again another must have limited Edition collection piece. So far this year has been an amazing year for Mac and their recent collaboration projects and i have so far snapped up a little piece out of each collection i was interested in and this has to be in my top 3.

The collaboration with the Style icon Marge Simpson has been released and i must say I’m loving it.

I purchased the Lip-gloss from the collection in ‘Nacho cheese explosion’ it is a yellow coloured gloss but once Β put onto the lips the yellow glaze appears more clear with a slight pigmentation of the yellow but still never the less the colour and texture is extremely lovely.

The gloss is heavy duty and thick showing long durability and the promise that this gloss could be collaborated with a lipstick to add more texture and versatility. I really like the the consistency of Mac lip glosses anyway so having this Limited Edition Simpsons version is extremely special.


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