The Body Shop~ Honey Bronze Lip balm

Treat your lips to this delicious new lip balm from the Body Shop… This sweetly-scented balm repairs and moisturises lips whilst giving them a luscious, golden shimmer

its smells of a sweet honey nectar and i noticed a nice shimmer along my lip line which really would look nice for a simple look or just to keep you lips hydrated. I would really recommend this balm for winter as the air grows colder and your lips become dryer due to the drop in temperature and  this little balm will warm up any cold days.

Also major point scoring for the body shop the packaging is extremely creative and balances out the product perfectly i must admit i was more drawn to this product because of the unique packaging and the balms container is very pretty and different

This balm is a statement piece in my Autumn bag this season and at the retail price of £6 plus 10% off if you have a body shop card this little purchase can go a long way especially if spending money is tight this season

very impressed with the Body shop recently they have become extremely inventive and unique producing products to die for i rate this product



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