Hair taking too long to grow? : My cheats to Rapunzel locks


Brush and comb

When your hair is wet it is most vulnerable use a comb to comb out hair rather than a brush, The brush will pull or remove hair while the comb will glide through protecting the hair and de-tangling it at the same time. For 5-10 minutes brush your hair each night before bed this will create circulation within the scalp and it will help the blood flow encouraging new hair growth!

Avoid unnecessary styling 

Avoid putting your hair is elastic bands for styling this will snap the hair while a scrunchie or hair band will protect the hair. Avoid putting your hair in tight pony tails or buns this puts stress on the follicle. also avoid straightening,curling and blow drying when you can the heat from drying dries out your hair and damages it the most out of everything the heat is very intense on the hair so let your hair breathe and go natural

cut down washes

look to only washing your hair 2-3 times a day and stick to the the 2 day rule eventually build up your hairs tolerance to natural oils and soon you will be able to leave it for 4 days but don’t go without washing your hair too much natural build up of natural oil is dangerous

clean your hair right

be careful what products your put on your hair if you use products with a high sulphate content it can strip the colour out of your hair such as ‘head and shoulders’ use nourishing shampoos and conditioners suited for your hairs type or state if you suffer damage use a weekly treatment or a damaging conditioner this will protect the follicle and help growth

cut your hair

This one sounds the most stupid but is the best treatment cutting hair does not make hair grow however it stops the length from the tips as it prevents breakages and damages you should get your hair cut on your own judgement  but it is recommended to get it cut 6-10 weeks


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