Take care of your skin and it will take care of you in 5 easy steps

we all neglect our skin and before we know it BANG there is a massive spot in the most obvious place on an important night out or event and you get that horrible feeling of regret why didn’t i just….. 

I am going to discuss the top 5 basic things you can do to stay glam all year round 

1- Drink at least a minimum of a litre of water a day the water will remove all the toxins from the skin and will keep your skin and teeth in top notch condition 

2- remove all your make-up before bed.. wash your face with a good face wash and afterwards cleanse and tone the skin this removes all impurities from the skin like dirt,oil and left over make-up this will create smooth glowing skin and it will help your skin act more healthier

3- wear sunscreen even during the winter months the Suns UV rays absorb into the skin all days of the year this increases your chances of ageing,wrinkles and other skin defects in later life

4- give your skin a break have an obligation to your skin and have no make-up days the more days you rest your skin from the chemicals within the make-up the better application and the condition of your skin will be! we all need a rest sometimes and that includes your skin 

5- Everything can affect our skin from indoor heat to outdoor pollution to an un-healthy diet our skin is very delicate and needs to be cared for and treated well after all we only get one face! sometimes and this is usually most times we all look more beautiful without make-up our natural beauty defines us more than make-up ever could and everyone should feel confident with or without make-up maybe one day our future generations will look beyond superficial beauty and accept our own natural beauty, embrace your natural beauty and enjoy you for you

we are all beautiful ❤

BUT we all love a pamper day so treat yourself to a face mask i got some from montagne jennesse These little face masks are the greatest and they give me this amazing natural glow for some reason the deep cleanse of these face masks seems to bring up the colour of my cheeks and they are really refreshing 

just what every girl needs after a long week

i bought ‘LEMON ZEST PEEL OF…Lemon and Green Tea’ 

‘AMORE ROSE… Demask rose and marula Oil’



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