O.P.I July Favourites

i really enjoy and love the O.P.I brand and i find there quality to be outstanding and well worth the money. I really enjoy the unique colours that O.P.I bring to the Nail Polish world and this is my July favourites the colours are a little different but hey different is always good

firstly i will start with my Metallic based polish ‘Stainless Steel’ i love how there are multiple dimensions and so many colours for that metal affect if anything it reminds me of leaked petrol creating the multi colours on the pavement

second is the yellow hue based polish called ‘Plant one on me’ its a very matte one colour polish which looks great with patterned outfits and also Denim looks for the summer/

The final O.P.I polish is Pearl Driver its is a white based polish with glitter through-out its a nail polish you could wear during the day or night time and i really like the simple elements of it but also that i could mix and match this with other colours. Sometimes the simplest colours are the most affective   


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