Here comes the Sun~ How to stay Beautiful and not burn

I cant believe how wonderful the weather has been and of course i have taken full advantage of the free Tan in the Back Garden but here is my top 5 summer tips TO STAY BEAUTIFUL AND TO NOT BURN

1- Apply sun cream every hour the suns UV rays can burn pretty deep if the skin is left un- cared for after all our skin is very delicate and even if you feel like you wont burn the damage always happens the day after or in the long run! p.s if you have been in the pool or near water always try to use a water resistant cream.

2- Make sure your foundation has SPF15 and that any lip-glosses/balms/lipsticks have hydrating rich infused Vitamin E or even an SPF formulae included cracked dry lips are a no go one I can recommend  the ‘Chubby stick’ from Clinique (Review coming soon)

3- drink lots of water or fluids sun stroke is a massive issue and will affect you during the evening or the next day sun stroke is a form of serious dehydration. Plus it cant hurt drinking some water 

4- Accessories are great but can protect you wear a hat or sunglasses or even a shawl these little pieces cant protect you when the heat is rising

5- Do not style your hair with straighteners or curlers even though the Vitamin D and C are great for our skin and immune efficiency the UV rays through sunlight actually damage hair and the hair cuticle the intensity of the sun alone all day is the same as straightening your hair for 5 hours straight. Put your hair in a cute up do and leave it wavy 

p.s a little salt spray water mixed with salt can create the perfect wavy beach head locks 

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far 



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