Foundation problems solved



I recently found out about the boots No7 Foundation range and i never thought No7 was a brand i could associate my self with due to  age and opinions until i heard about the foundation…. basically you go to the counter and remove a tiny part of your make-up and though technology the match your skin cells with the correct colour of foundation…I found out i had been wearing the wrong colours even if previous foundations had been a little bit of my skin tone i am in fact ‘calico’ in my skin tone and i described the coverage and what i required and i got the ‘beautifully matte foundation from No7 and it is the most perfect and ideal foundation because it is matched to my skin tone it looks like i am wearing zero make-up and the coverage slides on beautifully, this foundation is divine and effortless 

I would recommend this product to anyone 10/10 

for quality, price and guarantee of the most flawless complexion  


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