Vivienne Westwood Cote D’Azur Purse

Vivienne Westwood is one of my icons and inspirations her designs and prints always mesmerise me and I was delighted upon receiving my  ‘Cote D’Azur purse 5140 in Black its was apart of the spring/summer collection 2014 its a leather purse with raised elements and the iconic vivienne westwood golden orb 

I love the detail on the purse and of course it is very simple design I had to get it in classic black because I just adore black as it goes with everything. I think its a key piece to every girls handbag and a decent purse is a MUST and since I was 18 I wanted my own piece of vivienne’s collection But I got the choice on my 18Th but decided upon a Michael Kors watch  instead.

The Leather is really thick and sturdy so its durable and it will last a long time it needs to be broken in over time but that just shows me the quality. Their is also about plenty of  card slots for all my cards which is ideal because I have so many!! 

10/10 rating on quality… value for money…and also style and design ❤ 


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