Estée Lauder

I got this Estée Lauder quad pallet set for Christmas and I absolute adore the company and brand the quality is always exceptional and it is worth every penny, I also recommend the lipsticks my favourite is ‘Eye of the tiger’ it is filled of glittery gold and nude tones its ideal for dressing down for an afternoon of shopping or even a night out having cocktails with the girls. I highly recommend Estée Lauder for the Lipsticks !!
i love the eye shadows I have used them as an MUA and on myself they are very pigmented for example the chocolate brows and smoky greys just work so well to get those sexual smoky smouldering eyes. I love how they provide some visuals and guides to what you can do with the pallet but I also love adding on my own twist they are ideal for inspiration.
I know a lot of people find Estée Lauder to be for an older generation more the mid 30-40’s but I swear down by their products that anyone of any age can purchase Estée Lauder and look drop dead gorgeous
I rate my pallet and lipsticks a good 8


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